• Dining With Professionals

    Saturday, November 20, 2016

    5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

    University of California, San Diego

    PC Ballroom East

  • General

    Dining With Professionals (DWP) is a professional networking event with the goal of providing aspiring scientists and engineers with the opportunity to network with professors from the University of California - San Diego (UCSD) faculty and local San Diego companies. Through this network, UCSD SASE hopes that affiliates will have an opportunity to achieve internships or jobs and also find answers to any questions regarding related career interests. Professionals on the other hand will encounter unique and talented individuals—individuals of which are again potential employees or interns for a company or laboratory.


    At UCSD SASE, we strive to provide our members and affiliates with the absolute best professional opportunities possible so that you can achieve your best after your undergraduate career. Dining With Professionals is one such event that has been incredibly successful for three consecutive years. Many students have achieved networks with many prestigious professionals and earned their way into an internship or job; likewise, we wish you the same if you chose to attend our event! Take initiative and succeed for no one but yourself.

    Ticket Information

    Admission fee is $10 (includes dinner)

    Tickets may be purchased online at Eventbrite. Fees can be paid through Cash, Venmo, or Chase Quickpay.
    We will be setting up office hours for cash payments.
    Venmo: @iriszheng
    Quickpay: ucsdsasetreasure@gmail.com
    Register Here

    After you have purchased your ticket, we will contact you about choosing preferred professionals for the rotations.

  • Logistics

    "It is a known fact that it takes thousands of dollars for a company to recruit a successful employee, not to mention the time it takes for the company to find that perfect employee for the work environment. At UCSD SASE, we save the company both of those nuances by hosting events such as DWP. Only prestigious students willing to take initiative and wishing to be extremely successful in their professional career are willing to come and network with you, the professional, on their Saturday night—qualities of which are inherent in any desirable employee."

    ------- Charlie Liu, SASE-UCSD President 2013-2014


    5:00 Doors open

    5:30PM-6:00PM - Check In
    6:00PM-6:15PM - Dinner is served
    6:15PM-6:20PM - Welcome Speech
    6:20PM-6:35PM - Keynote Speech
    6:35PM-6:40PM - Rotation Details
    6:40PM-7:05PM - Rotation #1 (5 Minutes Transition Time)
    7:10PM-7:35PM - Rotation #2 (5 Minutes Transition Time)
    7:40PM-8:05PM - Rotation #3 (5 Minutes Transition Time)
    8:10PM-8:20PM - Closing Speeches + Picture
    8:20PM-9:20PM - Networking Session
    9:20PM-9:30PM - End of Event
    *subject to change

    Table Rotation

    Upon registration, attendees are able to choose professionals they desire to network with.

    Although we cannot guarantee your top choices, we will try our absolute best so that everybody is able to network efficiently.

    There will be a total of 3 pre-assigned table rotations throughout the night. You MUST stay with these rotations. Attendees will be notified of which professionals they will be networking with prior to the event.

  • History

    "Here you are not a faceless person in a crowd like you usually are at job fairs. This is an opportunity for you to stand out and improve your career."
    --------Jonathan Luong, SASE-UCSD President 2015-2016

    Past Dining With Professional Events


    Since the beginning of UCSD SASE in 2011, Dining with Professionals (DWP) has been the flagship event that has brought intensive publicity, growth, and innovation to our organization and most importantly, our members have also learned and achieved an incredible amount through DWP as well. Since then, DWP has been changing and improving rapidly year by year. We have more than doubled our attendance from the first DWP to our most recent DWP held in February 2016. We have increased the quality of our events by seeking out only the best professionals who are willing to help curious college students in their future professional careers by reaching down through a network path to these students. Most importantly, we have also heard and replied to the wishes and desires of our UCSD SASE community on who they would like to network with during the next DWP. Therefore, it is because of these requests that we will host yet another DWP in fall quarter, this coming November with professionals from a diverse range of industries so that each and every UCSD SASE community member is able to achieve their best through us.

    Event Recap: Fall Quarter 2013


    The third annual Dining With Professionals (DWP) held on November 16th, 2013 by the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) at UCSD was by far the most successful Dining With Professionals UCSD SASE has ever held. With around 100 total attendees and 7 major companies attending, including Cubic Corporation, Spectrum Knowledge, Life Technologies, Illumina, Aerotek, Northrop Grumman, and General Electric, the event was a huge success. A special thanks to Cubic for sponsoring the event as well as a special thanks to Dr. Vu H. Pham, the managing partner at Spectrum Knowledge, for hosting the beginning keynote speech. Look out for more large professional events with even more companies, and even more opportunities for attendees in the future!

  • Professionals

    *List of attending professionals and companies will continue to be updated

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